How Much Do Cavachon Puppies Cost

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How Much Do Cavachon Puppies Cost. The height of the cavachon will largely depend on the size of the parents. Here’s a list of popular locations where you can find reputable cavachon breeders.

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Nonetheless, because these dogs are hybrids, first bred about 1996, their health is quite good and they don't have many of the problems purebred cavalier king charles spaniels or bichon frise dogs typically have, respectively. Yes, the cavachon should be a dog which is suitable for apartments, providing you can give him sufficient exercise to keep him happy and active. You can expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,000 for a cavapoo from a reputable, quality breeder.

Premium grade cavachon pups can be priced anywhere from $400 to $2,200.

Posted on june 5, 2020 by chews_opsg5c. Note that the cost of a puppy doesn’t reflect the quality of it’s breeding or care. Friendly, loving, playful, intelligent, sociable. The cost may also vary on the age of the cavachon.