Puppy Training Camp Seattle

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Puppy Training Camp Seattle. Training camp is our specialty program that is highly customized to meet your dog’s specific training needs. We have some of the most competent staff taking care.

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Play is two puppies or three puppies at a time and is carefully supervised to build appropriate social skills. Open to dogs up to 5 months old. There’s a reason why puppy manners has been awarded seattle's best dog trainers—because they know dogs.

Give the gift of socialization, classes or private training and make a puppy wiggle!

It is highly recommended that ptc is taken along with puppy pounce or private training sessions so the human knows what the pup is learning at camp and can continue that training at home. This is a training program developed specifically for puppies in this critical and sensitive period of behavioral development. While puppy kindergarten classes allow you and your puppy to train together, puppy day camp allows for. Seattle dog training and puppy classes.